We recount the  pros and cons of email , both  www.hotmail.com  and  gmail sign in, one of the services that has revolutionized the way we communicate in recent decades. If years ago it was common for personal and official communications to take place through traditional letters, this has changed considerably.

The immediacy and gratuity of the email are just some of the points in its favor, although there are also drawbacks. Keep reading if you want to find out everything.

Advantages of Having an Email Account

  1. Free to use. Sending and receiving any kind of communication has never been easier. Currently, it is the most used means by companies to contact their customers and employees. In addition, individuals can also send emails to entities and institutions in the easiest way. Best of all is not having to spend on envelopes and stamps, as it was when you wanted to send a letter. The cost of your internet provider will be the only payment you will have to pay and if you use public Wi-Fi anyway. Completely free!
  2. You better organize your time. One of the characteristics of email messages is that they have a subject line. This lets you know the theme of your content and thus set priorities. You don’t have to open the message to know what they want to tell you. Already on the subject you can move forward if it is urgent or requires a quick response. This information will be helpful in knowing what you have to watch before.
  3. Ease of consultation and storage. You don’t need letter openers to check your email, nor do you want to organize everything by theme. The system for opening and querying your messages is very intuitive and will not take time to learn. In addition, email servers such as Gmail or Hotmail have systems for organizing your messages into folders according to subject matter. You can also place labels so you can find everything quickly when you need it, whether it’s an invoice or any other important document.
  4. Discover everything on any website. One of the biggest advantages of email is that you can open it even from your smartphone. This way, you can take advantage of short periods of time, such as bus transfers or waiting times in the supermarket queue.
  5. Be greener. Have you ever wondered how many trees are needed for all the paper that used to be used in letters? Whether it’s bank statements or electricity bills, you can now get all your information while you take care of the planet. You do not have to print your messages unless it is necessary for a specific problem. This is how you earn and respect the environment.
  6. Your schedule always at hand. Through email you can access the contact calendar. Even on some servers, like Gmail, you can enjoy the contacts you have on your phone. It’s never been easier to send what you need to any family member or friend.
  7. velocity. It’s an amazing way to make the most of your time, as long waits aren’t necessary until the sender receives your message. In a single morning you can leave several steps without moving and almost effortlessly.
  8. Use it to send yourself documents you want to keep or events you want to remember. You just have to use your creativity to get the full performance out of it.
  9. Reuse If you have to send the same message to multiple people, it’s as simple as copying and pasting, or even more, just by pressing the forward button.

Attention to the disadvantages.

  1. Infoxication Does this term sound to you? It is a pun between information and intoxication. The meaning is obvious: too much information can be heavy. Ease of use can sometimes turn against you, sending you so much information that you can’t assimilate it. So be careful and try to filter out only what really interests you.
  2. Spam: This English word is used to define spam. Yes, one that arrives without your request, such as commercial advertising for various products. The good news is that the email system has spam filters that help detect what you’re not interested in and send it straight to the trash.
  3. Cold communication. As with everything that has to do with the internet, it can create many situations where the heat of human treatment is lacking. Many people miss seeing the handwriting of their loved ones even if they receive their messages. Others are offended by the lack of immediate response, or are misunderstood by very short answers. Like everything in life, to avoid these inconveniences, nothing like common sense.
  4. Stress  This is the consequence of overuse or overuse of email. There are those who get stressed because they understand that they need to respond quickly and insist on receiving their emails instantly. Please note: immediacy does not mean that we have to be attached to our email. Moderate use allows you to enjoy its advantages without stress.
  5. Beware of viruses. As with social networks and instant messaging services, we must be careful about links and attachments sent to us. If you do not know the sender or think you are suspicious, do not click on the link sent to you as it may contain a virus. However, it never hurts to get an antivirus to avoid aversions.
  6. Time flies. Time is one of the most precious resources we have, and in many cases, mail and social networks make it fly. To avoid it, try betting for the sake of brevity and set a few specific hours to consult with it. Ideally, do it twice a day so as not to become obsessed and not become a waste of time.

Now you know a little more about this magnificent invention, which makes our lives easier, but it also has certain points against it. All the information is now in your hand, you decide how to use your email to get the most out of it, without letting your inconveniences affect you.

Advantages and disadvantages of having an email
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